Biofon apparatuses
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Operation principles





Operating principles

When operated the device emits modulated electromagnetic waves of 0.7-0.8mkm band (99% emissive power) and polarized electromagnetic waves of 3-10000 mkm (below 0.1% emissive power), whose spectrum is identical to that of the inactivated pathogenic strains.

The polarized IR-radiation inactivates pathogenic microorganisms causing conformational changes in the specific proteins of the plasmatic membrane which results in appearance of a cut-off potential on the plasmatic membrane of the pathogen, leading to decrease in the intensity of biochemical processes in the microbial cell and increase of its vulnerability. Complete purge of the macroorganism of the above pathogens is achieved due to their active replacement by commensal microflora and intensive elimination of pathogenic strains by the elements of the immune system.

High action selectivity enables to inactivate and suppress the protective functions of pathogenic microorganisms only or to inactivate their toxins without affecting the patient's commensal autoflora as well as his own cells.

Duration of an IR-therapy session remains constant and is 24 seconds. Frequency of administering sessions is determined by the attending physician in accordance with the character of the inflammatory condition and may vary from one session in 2-3 days to 48 sessions administered daily (average frequency being 3-6 sessions a day). The treatment schedule should be planned so that the pathogenic strains are kept inactive throughout the entire treatment period. With diligent observance of the recommended therapy method complete purge of the organism of the above-mentioned pathogenic agents occurs in 98% cases. For patients with a pronounced immune deficiency duration of treatment may be increased tenfold.

However, elimination of one or several pathogenic strains may initially make the organism somewhat less resistant to recurrent colonization by the same kind of strains since the colonization resistance of commensal microorganisms, which counteract colonization by pathogens, stays low and their variety is limited.

To enhance resistance of human organism to recurrent colonization by pathogenic flora, it is necessary to restore commensal flora of the same kind. To achieve it, the macroorganism must first be purged of pathogenic microorganisms inhibiting the activity of commensal strain. So, when operated "Uro-Biofon" inactivates not only the pathogenic strains and their toxins but also other pathogenic strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi, prions, monads (and their toxins) inhibiting commensal strain, thus restoring the activity of the latter and favoring restoration of the commensal strains quantity in the course of time.

The operating principle of the "Biofon" device is described in details in the Russian Federation patent №2055604 "The device for affecting the activity of a live cell".

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