Biofon apparatuses
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"Biofon" apparatuses

A team of Russian researchers has found a way to affect the activity of any microorganisms. Based on this idea was developed a new generation of appliances which permit to effectively combat a variety of harmful microorganisms. The device affects only pathogenic microorganisms, residing in the system of a human being or animal, facilitating cure of the diseases that are hard to cure with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. Complete eradication of the above-mentioned pathogenic microorganisms is achieved in 98% cases, provided the treatment methods are strictly adhered to.

The apparatuses of the "Biofon"-series have been mass-produced by Izhevsky Mechanical Plant, which is one of the major companies in Russian defense industry sector and possesses unique state-of-the-art technologies in microelectronics.

The first of them - "Uro-Biofon" has been manufactured since January 1999. In 2002 the manufacture of "Phtisio-Biofon" apparatus is begun. Pre-production models of "Gastro-Biofon", "Extra-Biofon" and "Antivir-Biofon" are issued. Now they are under clinical testing in a number of major Russia's institutes.

  • Uro-Biofon - urogenital system (infectious and venereal diseases);
  • Phtisio-Biofon - respiratory system (tuberculosis, pneumonia ...);
  • Gastro-Biofon - gastro-intestinal diseases , liver and kidneys;
  • Extra-Biofon - includes all opportunities of devices of the  Biofon - series: "Uro-Biofon", "Phtisio-Biofon" and "Gastro-Biofon"

The "Biofon" IR-therapy devices are compact, easy-to-use appliances designed for physical therapy of various diseases. The devices are meant for both clinical and home use, and may be employed for treatment and prevention purposes independently and in combination with conventional pharmacological and physical therapy remedies.


 High efficacy;
 Action selectivity;
 Restoration of natural human flora;
 Enhancement of resistance to infectious diseases;
 Lack of contraindications.

The conclusion of the Research Centre of biomodulators and medicinal products of Scientific - Innovational Fund of Health that radiations of the "Uro-Biofon", "Phtisio-Biofon", "Gastro-Biofon" and "Extra-Biofon" apparatuses are nontoxical is received.

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