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BIONIX enterprise, as an authorized dealer of Izhevsky Mechanical Plant, offers the "Biofon" apparatuses. We are dealing with them since the very beginning of production. The beneficial cooperation with Izhevsky Mechanical Plant provides an opportunity to sell the products at maker's price.

We deliver the apparatuses per post. Within 3 days from the moment of payment received we shall send the apparatus to any customer-specified destination. Note, that we cover not only Russia, but also many CIS- and other countries.

We have a selling license for production and sales of medical equipment and an export/import permit.

We have a warranty repair facility. To our customers we offer an expanded warranty.

We also can provide the most comprehensive advice on usage and practice of the "Biofon" apparatuses.

When purchasing a "Biofon" apparatus from us, you get:

a high performance physiotherapeutical apparatus at the manufacturer's price;
discounted rate, when purchasing a number of apparatuses;
expanded warranty;
delivery to any destination in Russia or abroad;
advice and consulting on Biofon operation and usage.


Designation Price*
1. Apparatus for IR-therapy "Uro-Biofon"
815 EUR
2. Apparatus for IR-therapy "Phtisio-Biofon"
815 EUR
3. Apparatus for IR-therapy "Extra-Biofon"
1700 EUR

* the price includes delivery cost and customs charge in Russia.

Beware of imitations - buy your apparatus from an authorized dealer only!!!

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