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A unique device whith no counterparts throughthout the world

The device of infra-red therapy "Extra-Biofon" includes all opportunities of devices of the Biofon - series: "Uro-Biofon", "Phthisio-Biofon" and "Gastro-Biofon". It is intended for physical therapy of diseases of kidneys, bladder, genitals, liver, bilious bubble, pancreas , gastro-intestinal tract and respiratory system. The device can be used in clinical or out-patient conditions, as independent, or combined with known drugs and physical therapy, including preventive measures for improvement and normalization of functioning of human organism .

The spectrum of radiation of the device corresponds to a spectrum of radiation of malignant

bacteria and their toxins in the oppressed condition. As a result of influence the protective functions of malignant bacteria in organism of the man are weakened, reduces the amount developed toxins and live products. It helps the immune system effectively to destroy malignant bacteria.

Efficiency of action of devices of the Biofon series is not less than 98 %. The high efficiency proves to be true by clinical tests, which were carried out in the last 9 years in more than 50 medical establishments of Russia: urban, regional, republican clinical hospitals; maternity houses, hospitals, research and medical institutes. The experts mark fast disappearance of pain sensations and symptoms of disease, as well as complete recovery in case of observance of the treatment mode.

Highly effective by:

Urogenital diseases

  • Urethritis,
  • Prostatitis,
  • Cervicitis,
  • orcho-epididymitis,
  • salpingo-oophoritis,
  • Cystitis,
  • pyelonephritis,
  • Chlamidiosis,
  • Candidiasis,
  • Micoplasmosis,
  • Ureaplasmosis,
  • staphilococcosis;
  • V.D

  • Syphilis,
  • Gonorrhoea,
  • trichmonosis,
  • Diseases of respiratory system

  • Pneumonia,
  • Quinsy,
  • acute respiratory disease,
  • acute respiratory viral infection,
  • Influenza,
  • Bronchitis,
  • tracheitis,
  • Tuberculosis,
  • scarlatina,
  • maxillitis,
  • pharyngitis,
  • otitis, rhinitis,
  • Epidemic parotitis,
  • Measles,
  • Whooping cough,
  • Gastrointestinal diseases

  • Disbacteriosis,
  • gastritis,
  • Gastroenteritis,
  • Pancreatitis,
  • Cholecystitis,
  • Hepatitis,
  • ulcerative disease of the stomach,
  • duodenal ulcer,
  • colitis,
  • proctitis,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • Salmonellosis,
  • Food toxic infection,
  • peritonitis;
  • Herpes viruses

  • Urogenital,
  • Epstein-Barr,
  • Cytomegallovirus,
  • Varicella-zoster,
  • Virus of Herpes type 6 ;
  • and russian tick-borne encephalitis.

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