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24 october 2001 - The conclusion of the Research Centre of biomodulators and medicinal products of Scientific - Innovational Fund of Health that radiations of the "Uro-Biofon" and "Phtisio-Biofon" apparatuses are nontoxical is received. You may find the entire accounts and the conclusions in the section Clinic reports in the near future.

6 - 8 July 2001 in USA on an International congress of probiotics medicine "Biofon" apparatuses were represented! More in detail here.

3 July 2001 - The licence of Ministry of Public health Services of Russia on production and application in medical practice of "Phtisio-Biofon" was obtained!

1 - 10 June 2001 - Ukraine, Crimea, IX International Conference "Modern information technologies in medicine and ecology", the report of the developers of "Biofon" apparatuses look here!

2 April 2001 - this site was created

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