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The "Uro-Biofon" IR-therapy device is the world's first high efficiency antibacterial physiotherapy appliance inhibiting the pathogenic microorganisms and the toxins detrimental for the urogenital system of humans and animals.

Indications for use:

The main purpose "Uro-Biofon " was designed for is physical treatment of chronic urethritis and prostatitis of chlamydial etiology, as well as general sanation, prophylaxis and normalization of the urogenital system functions. It can be advantageously used for treatment of orchoepididymitis, cervicitis, salpingooophoritis of staphylococcal, mycoplasmal, ureaplasmal and candidal etiology and in lues, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis therapies.
The "Uro-Biofon" therapy can be administered to patients undergoing antibacterial and contrainflammatory treatment.

The device has an inhibiting effect on the microorganisms (and their toxins) of the families (genera) shown in the table below:

Pathogenic microorganism The caused disease
chlamydiaceae Chlamydiasis: Females - cervicitis, bartholinitis, salpingitis, salpingooophoritis, infertility, secondary infertility.
Males - urethritis, proctitis, prostatitis, epididemitis, prostatovesiculitis.
Arthritis, trachoma, conjunctivitis, lymphogranulomatosis, Reiter's syndrome
spirochaeia, treponema, cristispira, borrelia Lyme-borreliosis, borreliosis
neisseria, moraxella, acinetobacter, kingella Gonorrhea: urethritis, cervicitis, salpingitis. Cystitis, conjuctivitis, arthritis
trichomonas Trichomoniasis: cervicitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, vesiculitis. cystitis, pyelonephritis
micrococcus, staphylococcus, stomatococcus, planococcus Arthritis, staphylococc, epidermia, staphylodermia, hidradenitis, pneumonia.
pseudomonadaceae Pseudomonas
escherichia, klebsiella, morganella, salmonella, shigella, yersinia, proteus Yersiniasis, salmonellasis, dysbacteriasis of proteal etiology, lesions of mucous membranes (enteritis).
bacteroidaceae Lesions of the mucous membranes (enteritis) including those of the gastrointestinal tract
gardnerella, mobiluncus Bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella infection, corinebacterial vaginitis, anaerobic vaginosis)
papovaviridae Human papiloma virus (candilomas, papilomas)
enterococcus Lesions of the mucous membranes (enteritis)
candida Urogenital candidosis
mycoplasma, ureaplasma Mycoureaplasmasis: urethritis, prostatitis, endometritis. Arthritis, pyelonephritis

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