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Berichte aus den Kliniken

"BIOFON" - the new word in treatment of infectious diseases

The overwhelming majority of modern infection therapies is based on administering antibiotics whose negative side-effects have been known long ago alongside with the ability of microorganisms to develop antibiotics resistance within three months. In addition, active use of antibiotics often destroys natural human microflora causing dysbacteriasis and occupation of the free niche by pathogenic microorganisms. Notwithstanding that pharmacologists do not give up attempts to develop new medications of high selectivity whose uncontrolled employment is frequently accompanied by side-effects often harmful for the system.

One of the most troublesome problems is unrestrained consumption of antibiotics by pregnant women detrimental to health of the neonates. As a result of damage inflicted on the mother's own microflora the baby inherits the impaired microflora unable to oppose pathogenic microorganisms.

Treatment of patients with intolerance to drugs is another cause of worry. Such cases are often coped up with by prescription of medications stimulating the human immune system. The effectiveness of such methods leaves much to be desired, though, and the challenge of side-effects with contraindications still remains. Obviously a radically new approach is required.

A team of Russian scientist has developed a revolutionary method to affect pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins. After a 20-years long study of the biocell electromagnetic fields, microorganisms and their toxins, the researchers came up with a world's first device of high selectivity and effectiveness capable of affecting the disease-producing microorganisms only (see The operating principle). With the human body remaining unaffected by the device there are no contraindications and limitations to its employment.

  The diagram of treatment efficiency by "Biofon" apparatuses depending on sessions quantity (without additional treatment by antibiotics and other methods).

Treatment efficiency by

  Prions   Chlamydia   Ureaplasma   Staphylococcus, Neisseria
  Trichomonias   Candida (in lymphatic nodes)   Candida (on mucoas membrane)   Papilloma virus

"Uro-Biofon" - being the first in the "Biofon" family of the devices is designed for treatment and prevention of urogenital diseases and conditions. The appliance has demonstrated a pronounced inhibiting effect on 15 families of pathogenic agents, which cause chlamydiasis, prostatitis, uerthritis, arthritis, orchoepididymitis, cervicitis, endometritis, trichomonasis, staphylococc, yeast infection, gardnerella infection, bacterial vaginosis, urea- and mycoplasmosis, both in acute and chronic variations. Physicians point out quick disappearance of symptoms (mulligrubs, burning sensation, discomfort, pain syndrome) and lack of recurrence.

"Phtisio-Biofon" - is designed for treatment of respiratory infections: pneumonia, scarlatina, bronchitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, epidemic parotitis (mumps), otitis, measles, rubella, angina, rhinitis, ARVI, influenza, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

"ARVI-Biofon" - has an inhibiting effect on pathogenic viruses calling acute respiratory viral infections.

"Antivir-Biofon" - can be successfully used in treatment of hemorrhagic fever, tick-borne encephalitis, and other viral infections.

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